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What we do Composite Materials

Thanks to the experience gained in the field of large wind turbines and the very high standards that it requires, we have developed within a production plant of over 10000 square meters (of which 8000 square meters covered) a unique mix of multidisciplinary skills, dedicated equipment and know-how unique in Italy.


MAIT Energy proposes itself as a partner for the realization of blades for wind turbines with large diameters through products made on our project, on a project provided by the customer or through a dedicated design of our R&D staff.


This involves replacing the blades with others of different designs, which in fact allows a modernisation that takes advantage of the constant process of technological evolution in the sector; by way of example, we indicate some advantages: - Exploitation of technological improvements to obtain greater efficiency and producibility (for example, greater sweep area and/or better aerodynamic profile) - Extension of the life cycle of the wind turbines


Using our dedicated equipment, we are able to carry out infusion processes to produce structural and non-structural elements for the naval and construction sectors.


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